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Licensing Requirement:

Approved Bloodborne Pathogen Certification

Pre-Course Requirements

All Students are required to complete the following requirements before the beginning of the course.

Please download and email the following documents:

Microblading, Machine, Manual, Soft Tap, 3D, 6D, Hair Stroke Embroidery Eyebrows.... What do these words all have in common? They all describe various technical forms of cosmetic tattoo—an industry that is growing so quickly, it is not yet fully defined.

In modern cosmetic tattoo, advanced techniques such as "hair stroke" and "soft shading" are now often combined for the most beautiful results. Industry experts agree that there is no “one” method of tattoo for all clients. Practitioners must learn to properly assess their clients to understand which method will yield the most desirable result. A great artist uses the most appropriate tool for the client, not one tool or technique for all clients. Being able to assess and make changes as needed will enable you to create the most advanced, cutting-edge art in the industry.

In this course, offered by Blinks+Brows Academy Co-Founder and Advanced Artist Michelle Short, students are introduced to a wide range of beginning and intermediate skill level techniques which, when used properly, will create beautiful and artistically superior eyebrows while providing the student entry to the lucrative niche market of cosmetic tattoo.


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Course Length & Cost:

5 days: Theory and Practical $3600 USD