Aesthetics Network International (ANI) is a training, networking and hosting site for practitioners and students within global aesthetics industries. ANI is the first web based community that actively seeks to connect aesthetic professionals and students from around the world. We uphold the highest ethical standards and best practices.


ANI was founded with a core belief:
That practitioners of aesthetics view what they do as more than simply procedures. Those that practice these skills view their craft as a borderline art form; one that is practiced on the human canvas--pushing the boundaries of what is possible while sharing a common fascination with beauty and the people we deeply affect through our work.


Our aim is to give those that work within the aesthetics industries  a central site that can act as a learning and continual education hub for those wishing to further their education with aesthetics, be supported by other practitioners and learn new skills. ANI is  a rally point to connect experts, students and organizations with a common vision to uphold the highest level of standards of practice  so desperately needed throughout our industry. Come share our vision and  your passion for aesthetics!